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How Tom Casano Crushed It with a Data-Driven LinkedIn Ads Strategy


Struggling to generate qualified leads for their software platform, Plentive, a B2B SaaS startup, faced significant challenges. Despite previous attempts with LinkedIn Ads, they encountered poor ROI and low lead quality.

They needed a strategic expert to help them achieve their business goals. Tom Casano, a LinkedIn Ads specialist, stepped in to help Plentive overcome their challenges and drive success.


Tom’s approach focused on data-driven insights and precise audience segmentation. Leveraging past campaign data and client consultations, Tom crafted compelling ad creatives and deployed lead gen forms integrated with Plentive’s CRM.

Bidding strategies were optimized for cost efficiency, and Predictive Audiences were utilized to further reduce acquisition costs with LinkedIn’s AI. Lead magnets tailored to the target market augmented lead capture efforts.


  • Targeted Audience: Leveraging Plentive’s customer data and in-depth discussions with their executive team, Tom meticulously defined the ideal target market. He then translated this understanding into highly targeted audiences within LinkedIn Ads.
  • Compelling Ad Creative: To capture attention, Tom developed a mix of engaging video ads and captivating image ads.
  • Frictionless Lead Generation: Tom strategically opted for native lead gen forms within LinkedIn to streamline the lead capture process and minimize user friction.
  • Nurturing Leads: He ensured seamless integration of captured leads with Plentive’s CRM and established an email nurturing campaign for effective follow-up.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Tom employed a meticulous testing approach, creating and evaluating a variety of campaigns and ad variations to identify the most successful strategies.
  • Cost-Effective Bidding: Through careful bid management, Tom ensured Plentive acquired leads at the most competitive cost possible.
  • AI-Powered Lead Acquisition: Tom utilized LinkedIn Ads’ Predictive Audiences feature, leveraging AI to target high-potential leads at a lower cost.
  • Lead Magnet Optimization: Tom crafted lead magnets, such as targeted eBooks, that directly resonated with Plentive’s ideal customer profile, further enhancing lead form conversion rates.

Achieved Results

Tom’s data-driven strategy yielded impressive results:

  • 728% increase in qualified leads, generating 452 leads
  • Lead cost reduced from $53 to $12, a 67% decrease
  • 47% increase in lead form conversion rate

Tom’s expertise in LinkedIn Ads helped Plentive achieve their goals, driving a significant increase in qualified leads while reducing costs. This success showcases the effectiveness of a strategic, data-driven approach to LinkedIn Ads.

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