Tamarind is a results-driven LinkedIn Ads agency.

Tamarind is a results-driven LinkedIn Ads agency.

Our Mission

To empower people to achieve their most audacious goals

Our Core Values

1. Commit to client results

We always stay focused on clients’ goals and keep clients’ interests first.

2. Strive to be the best

Aim to be #1. Bring your competitive spirit every day to perform at your highest level.

3. Have each others’ backs

Treat each other like family. Support each other and look after one another.

4. Find creative solutions

Do whatever it takes to make it work. Use duct tape. Invent, innovate, and experiment.

5. Keep improving

Today’s failures are tomorrow’s wisdom. Try, fail, improve. Repeat. Don’t ever stop learning.


Tom Casano
LinkedIn Ads Strategist

Saad Siddiqi
LinkedIn Ads Strategist

Nick Deshais
LinkedIn Ads Strategist

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